A network of social justice advocates dedicated to saving and preserving democracy

About Floridians For Democracy Institute

Floridians for Democracy Institute (FFDI) is a 501c3 organization that provides education and awareness of the risks to democracy and our freedoms in Florida.

Our Mission: We coordinate a Florida network of social justice advocates dedicated to saving and preserving democracy.

Our Vision: We envision a state of Florida where all residents have equal opportunity, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation as granted by democratic freedoms dictated in the constitution.

Key Strategies: We connect individuals and organizations to amplify the achievement of shared goals to win the fight to preserve democracy. With greater collaboration, we speak with a louder voice to confront the erosion of democratic freedoms.

Florida Democracy

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Donations Help Us

Here are some of the ways your donations can help with our cause. Your financial support will help:

  • Organize monthly Florida Democracy Days throughout the state right up to next November featuring national, state and local speakers who can articulate the challenges and opportunities to protect our freedoms and preserve democracy.
  • Collaborate with youth-run projects to increase education, awareness and the importance of young peoples' voices, votes, and leadership in our state while helping nurture our nation’s future leaders.
  • Collaborate with Veterans who recognize the sacrifices they made to protect and preserve democracy by sharing their stories, messages, concerns, and hopes.
  • Host and/or partner in-person events that help achieve our mission to preserve and protect democracy.
  • Strengthen our social media voice.

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