Education About Democracy

Content output will include:

  • Reinforce the importance of voting and getting out the vote (GOTV).
  • Explanation of laws in layperson’s terms
  • Plain language explanations of the impact of bills restricting freedoms
  • The how, why, and where for citizens to engage in elections
  • Candidates’ positions on issues during an election
  • Propose challenges to the constitutionality or legality of barriers to voting
  • Simplified explanations of how the government works
  • Clear articulation of ballot referendums and the implications
  • Definition of democracy and what is means as an American
  • Highlight the urgency of the threat to democracy
  • Communicate the urgency of ALL elections: federal, state, local
FFDI Democracy

Research Focus

Florida capitol
  • Legislative bills proposed and passed
  • All branches of government: how it works
  • History of countries where democracy was destroyed or never existed
  • Identification of bills that restrict individual freedoms
  • Impact of bills restricting freedoms
  • The electoral process: how it works
  • Citizens' rights under the constitution
  • How restrictive bills impact different groups of citizens adversely